MIPDoc Project Pitch - Current Affairs & Investigation

  • MIPDoc Project Pitch Current Affairs & Investigation
  • The MIPDoc Project Pitch (formerly MIPDoc International Pitch) is the perfect platform to bring new projects to the world’s leading commissioning editors, financiers, buyers and distributors.

    It is open to all creators and producers seeking to develop factual and documentary projects with co-production partners.

    Finalists will have the opportunity to pitch their projects to a jury of international decision-makers.

    CURRENT AFFAIRS & INVESTIGATION documentaries cover past & present issues and give insightful analysis of important subjects that create history. Get your project’s pitch ready to reveal new stories to the world!

  • Key Dates

    • 21 January 2019: Opening of the content submission platform
    • 5 March 2019: Submission deadline
    • 25 March 2019: Finalists unveiled
    • 7 April 2019: Project Pitch Current Affairs & Investigation

    Key Documents

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    If you need more information, please contact Carole Ollerdissen